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Kaszpir Trike Manufacture
Welcome in Kaszpir Trike company!

We are a company dedicated to building unique three-wheeled motorcycles. Our 
company is based on 20 years of experience in making such vehicles and passion 
and high quality craftsmanship. A solid of each motorcycle is so unique and 
distinctive because it was 100% designed and manufactured in our company. We 
pay attention on the style that we carefully work out for years on the market.

Motorcycles made by us are often appreciated winning first place for 
exhibitions, rallies, including two Polish Championships of custom 
The materials that we use to build is a typical steel and stainless steel - 
acid resistant Inoxs (we do not use the type of galvanic coatings chromium, 
nickel due to their low stability).

Installation was made of resin and glass fibers, which gives us lightness and 
repeatability. The customer chooses paint color. Available techniques: matte, 
metallic, pearl, hydrographics, airbrush. Trike can be additionally equipped 
with a set of a waterproof sound system with an amplifier 4x40 W RMS power.
The trike is mounted V8 engine capacity of 4.2 L, which comes from the Audi 
A8. The power generated is factory 299 hp, plus open exhaust system which 
gives certainly well above 300 hp. This power is transmitted to the wheels via 
an automatic transmission tiptronic. Adhesion to the substrate provides us 
with Michelin or Pirelli in size 335/30R18. The wheels made of light alloy on 
request in a renowned German company. Suspension responsible for traction and 
safety is fully adjustable rebound and rebound shock absorbers, as well as the 
adjustment of the hardness of the springs by means of threads.
Ride... The fun starts here. Siting on a motorbike you get the feeling that 
you press a racing car, turn the key in the ignition, switch the ignition by 
the red button on the steering wheel. Then you hear the gentle roar of the 
fuel pump. Then you fire the beast by another button.  The first roar 
accelerates the beating of your heart. You put drive by your left hand and 
unscrew the throttle by right hand and disappear. After a while already 
driving 200 km/h and you know this is it. 

The motorcycle is designed and balanced by that way that even at the maximum, 
equal to removing the rider's throttle all the time keeps its traction, and 
sudden loosening the throttle grip lifts the front wheel up and you disappear 
again. Starts and overcoming arcs may be associated with slippage rear axle, 
but then that's the point. Multiple tests and trials shows at such times that 
there is no phenomenon of understeer and oversteer is very welcome. When you 
break it completely adhesion spinning donuts and driving will provide you the 
maximum experience. There is the only one problem - the lack of visibility due 
to smoke. If you wish to respond faster to the slip rear axle brake you use 
the right leg, which acts on this axis and will twisting the steering wheel 
while instant skid. You let go of the brake, unscrew the gas and the situation 
is repeated again - you disappear in a cloud of smoke...

Construction of the trike is not only a passion, but daily work from morning 
to evening. Therefore, this machine is "flattering" in every way and 
precisely engineered to give you the power of adrenaline and unusual 
sensations. Thank you all for your support and kind words. It is thanks to you 
we create and build, you are our motivation. And what comes out let's see for 
yourself by watching movies and photos. See you at rallies and events.

If you are interested in buying, we invite you to the shop.

                                   Regards, Kaszpir

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